So last time we found out how to at least pull out and make the Winre.WIM file which is your recovery environment.  It can be customized with drivers and additional applications but we’ll get into that later.

Right now, how do you USE that customized environment?

Well you have a few options to work with

It can burn turned into an ISO image on CD rom

You can make a UFD (USB Flash Drive) that is bootable and drop it on there

If you have Windows Deployment Services running in your environment you can drop that into the repository

Or you can drop it into a new partition (or shrunken, spare partition) to have it on a spot SEPARATE completely from the operating system (This could even lend to building a full image recovery partition, without the need for expensive 3rd party vendor solutions)

So just where do we start?

Well let’s start with a bootable CDROM.   You have two ways of doing that.  Once prepares a CDROM from the presently active and running WinRE environment and the other builds an ISO file you can burn to CD from your freshly customized environment.

To make a Bootable CD from within Windows 7 just go to the BACKUP AND RESTORE, Which is under Control Panel / System Security / Backup and Restore.

Or you just type “BACKUP” in the Search bar off your Start Menu to have it automatically populate it for you 🙂



So Select Backup and Restore and you’ll see the following screen.  In particular we’re interested in THIS option in the upper left hand side “Create a system repair disc”.

Now of course this does require you have a CD burner and a blank CD, and Administrative credentials (Note the little shield at the left)


image image


But nothing could be simpler to do, just click “Create a system repair disc” and you’ll see this




Choose “Create Disc”, soon it will be preparing files and burning your Windows Recovery Environment onto CD.




And that’s it! You’re done!  You now have an Extra copy of the Windows Recovery Environment handy to store in your drawer.  this is Especially handy if the seller of your computer did NOT provide you with restore media (Yes some of them are Still shaving a nickel doing that deplorable practice!)


Next time we’ll show you how to make that newly customized environment into an ISO file you can burn to CD


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