There are probably many ways to do this but I spotted this question in the Powershell forums and thought I’d share.

“Is there a way to restrict the output from “SELECT-STRING” to not show the Filename or the line number?

For those of you like me, still learning; SELECT-STRING allows you to scan a FILE or a SERIES of files for matching Content. 

In it’s most basic form it works like this


In the UNIX world I believe it was “GREPPING” 🙂

Anyhow normally if you do a SELECT-STRING on a file called say “DOG.TXT” for any reference to “CAT” you would get output like this

SELECT-STRING –path DOG.TXT –pattern ‘CAT’

dog.txt:1:This is a mean ugly cat
dog.txt:5:Cat is going around dog in Circles
dog.txt:93:Dog is laughing at soaking wet Cat

Yes a silly example but if you just wanted the lines (Say this was a security log? Say you just wanted parse out and build a new file with only specific content from the original?  Those line numbers can be irritating! and USELESS.

So to clean it up, just use a FOREACH and pull out only what we need.  A GET-MEMBER against the SELECT-STRING does as so


Shows us the following results


The actual Property we’re looking for is just called “LINE”, it has the content without the Numbers.  It you run the SELECT-STRING like THIS

SELECT-STRING –path DOG.TXT –pattern ‘CAT’ | GET-MEMBER | FOREACH { $-.Line }

You get just the lines Output.  Also in Powershell, if you’re curious about output, just use a FOREACH { $-.Property } on the end of a line to read the actual content of Properties to see if it’s what you need.

Keep on Scripting!

The Energized Tech