So each Month at ITPro Toronto we have the Powershell “Script Club” session.   I thought what I’d do for you the membership is list those resources here in the Blogs.  You can save the Hyperlink and I’ll try to keep it updated as time permits.   The List may appear short since I’ll try to get you what I personally consider the Master links to Powershell online.


Blog Postings made DIRECTLY by the very team at Microsoft involved in Developing and Producing Powershell.  Think Microsoft doesn’t listen?  Think again.  You’ll find Jeffrey Snover, the key Architect behind Powershell is behind a lot of these postings as are many of his team.  They actively go out and listen to the Powershell Community and users and search the internet for comments, critique and ideas for how Powershell should be and IS used.   They look for NEGATIVE comments too.  Some day I’ll tell you a story of how “Somebody” at Microsoft Searched for Powershell and “HELL” and got the pleasant surprise of his life.



Here is your one stop repository to Powershell.   You’ll find the bulk of the best of the best and their blogs centralize here.   More Powershell information than you can shake a stick at!



The PowerScripting Podcast done by Jon Walz and Microsoft MVP Hal Rottenberg.  Two guys absolutely passionate about Powershell that interview the who’s who of the Powershell community (including the guys straight from Microsoft).  The podcasts are sponsored and free to download.   Download the earliest podcasts and listen in on the way to work and soon you too will be a Powershell Guru.  They also Broadcast once a week LIVE on uStream so YOU TOO can ask whatever questions strike your mind.



Ok I do not consider myself an ultimate Powershell resource, but if you dig through my postings you’ll find I try to get the basics of Powershell out there so you too can get a feel for the Syntax of Powershell, maybe ideas and launch yourself forward from that point.  You can always reach me at sean@energizedtech.com and I’ll try to help out in whatever way I can.    Yes.  I love Powershell.



Yes folks, just “BING” IT.   Do a search online for Powershell and even a few key words, and you’ll probably get the answer in minutes.  Or maybe get yourself pointed in the right direction.   You’ll find searching for #powershell in Twitter as well yields more results than you can imagine.  And most of the people in the Powershell Community will happily answer whatever your Powershell questions are.



And most importantly!  Forums within Microsoft!

Yes directly on Microsoft are support forums full of people with Powershell questions, answered by people in the Community and various Powershell MVP’s.  You’ll probably see Marco Shaw in here a lot!  One of the very people that pointed me down the Powershell path two years ago.  What a beautiful road it is too.  No matter the question, ask it!  It’s free and often responded in Rapid pace!


If you’re looking for more information here at ITPro Toronto for Powershell just email sean@energizedtech.com and I’ll see to it!


The Energized Tech