Techdays day One here in Toronto has completed

I didn’t have 100 cans of RedBull as some feared and run Amok. Nor did I start singing into song after song ( although I did show the "Bing" booth the "Bing it" video on Youtube )

My first day I didn’t get much of a chance to check out the other tracks. I was too busy "in the crowd"

I was engaging whomever wanted to be engaged. Whether it was helping man the "Experts" booth, roaming about the various areas so questions could be answered, or meeting people just cuz.

What a strange change! The same guy who would hide in the corner, the ultimate "Introvert" was changing.

And then of course the biggest change of all. Presenting to a crowd of approximately 200 in a packed room all about the Windows Recovery Environment.

I found I had a few wrinkles (as I was warned about in previous Influencer sessions) that I would and did encounter. Problems will happen on stage. And when they do, GO WITH THE FLOW! In my case, I gave my lead the wrong Powerpoint deck, my Microphone fell off in the middle of the crowd and one of my demos (even with the correct line of code) wouldn’t work.

But we are in the IT World, we are ITPros, we Devs, we people who fight the good fight daily UNDERSTAND that fellow "Mr. Murphy" is a sneaky guy. And we roll with the punches.

And contrary to my original thoughts on presenting (and the same will apply to you if you speak to a room full of people, the following things did NOT happen.

The floor the did not open up and swallow me up

I did not fall off the stage

The crowd did not light up torches and begin burning effigies of me

I had no hecklers

People laughed at appropriate times

I did *NOT* make a fool of myself

Many GOOD questions came from the crowd

and most important


And why was all of this possible? Microsoft invited me to sessions called "Influencer Days" and they told me all the mistakes THEY encountered. Shaughnessy-Howell told me useful things to work with.

And yes, in between all the funnies, the singing, the mad blog posts, I LISTENED CLEARLY!

And you will learn, as I will, that when you present, especially to a large crowd, that although you look up to your heroes as models here’s what I know and you will too.

I am not the DPE’s of Redmond Washington, I am not the MVP’s or the MCT’s of Microsoft, I am ranot Rodney Buike, Rick Claus or Damir Bersinic. I am not Mitch Garvis or Cameron McKay.

I am not any of my heroes that I aspire to me

Nor will I ever be (nor will you)

I am (and you are) something unique. As we aspire to our heroes, we grow and change.

I am Sean Kearney, Energized Tech and Energized about Technology and my speaking will reflect myself, my personality and my passion in it’s OWN truly unique way.

And so will yours. Don’t be afraid to present or speak. Because remember this.

No matter how polished others are, THEY ALL STARTED AND FAILED AT SOME POINT!

And more importantly, practice practice practice. The more you know your timing the better you are. The more familiar you are with the flow of your content, the better you will be. And eventually, you may not even look at speakers notes! (*Whoa*)

And yes, practicing speaking to your AVATAR on Xbox360 DOES qualify as a test audience!

Just go to a #failcamp sometime and see how others failed, and learn with them. And learn like I did.

DON’T feed "Green Eggs and Ham" to your computer.

Cheers all and we’ll see you here at Day Two of Techdays-CA here in Toronto

The Energized Tech