A rather simple title but, well that sums it up!

It was strange for me.  I came here for the technology and it was the Community within Technology I found.

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Of course I learned some more on Med-V thanks to an excellent presentation by our resident MVP in Virtualization, Cameron.  But for some reason I found myself in the Expert booths, and ended up meeting others like myself, helping out in whatever way I could.   Touching base with new friends and old at the same time

Tech Days 2009, Metro Convention Center, TorontoTech Days 2009, Metro Convention Center, TorontoTech Days 2009, Metro Convention Center, Toronto

And for some inexplicable reason, something I’m still having a hard time grasping, perhaps the entertainer in me? Perhaps something new that grew yesterday?  I found a new passion.


Yes to present more.  Not necessarily for just the sheer showmanship of it (yes there is that aspect) but AGAIN thanks to Microsoft, I see a new focus.   I have grown yet a further level in ways I never foresaw two years and four months ago when I wrote that fateful article “Confessions of a Computer Geek” and sent it to my heroes.

And when Rick Claus came up behind me asking “So did you imagine this would ever happen man?” I was speechless.  Because I didn’t.  None of us can foresee the future.  We can all work to shape and change our future and hopefully improve it, and perhaps others around us.  But never did I imagine that a) I would be involved in an event as large and as successful as Microsoft Canada Techdays 2009 or b) that I would actually WANT to stand up in a room of 200 people a speak!

*GASP!* I’m a reformed introvert and Funny Guy!  Who would have thought that!

And the results? 

Yes Mr. Claus, Yes Microsoft Canada, Yes World.   I embrace and look forward to the future for whatever it holds. 

Thanks to Energize IT, Influencers, Techdays, the MVPS and the encouragement of the community, I am no longer the same person.

And in two years, 4 months from now, ask me the same question again. 🙂

The Energized Tech