I am truly looking forward to Techdays this year personally.  

For this year I will be having the honour of presenting at Techdays on using and implementing the Windows Recovery Environment, here at the Toronto sessions.

What is the Windows Recovery Environment?  How can you use and implement it?  What can you do with it?   How is it a benefit to you or your organization?

image-98 Come to Techdays 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Sign up for the Client Track, Session 4 on Day one and I’ll tell you.



You’ll have questions., I’ll have answers.

And I’ll be there the entire time at Techdays 2009 in Toronto wearing a Tilley hat with an odd stove burn, No beard or moustache (unlike the picture) and a big smile.   Grab me by the hand and say hello.   Ask me about whatever, Windows Recovery Environment, Powershell, or even how my Tilley got that “funny mark on the top”.  Tell me what excites you about technology. 

Let’s have a coffee (or whatever you prefer) at Techdays 2009 and chat about ANYTHING.  Even who’s better, Captain Kirk or Captain Picard, or whether Darth Vader should have just gone into Karaoke Singing. Whatever! 🙂

Because Techdays 2009 is not just about learning and listening, it’s about Community.

See you there for those thoughts all fresh and new

The Energized Tech