I’m going to introduce you quickly to a feature I just found out how to use.  Multiple monitors with Remote Desktop.

To use this feature, you Hosting Remote Environment MUST be Windows 7 or Server 2008R2.

You must have Multiple displays on your client environment.

So in my scenario, I have a laptop that has two display connectors and CAN run both a projector AND a regular display.  But it’s an older unit that is NOT Hyper-V Capable.

My main system where I do all my fun work, is running Server 2008R2 with Hyper-V enabled.  There’s my Demo environment.

My problem was my nice server only has only Video output and is in the basement and not very good for hauling around.

So I’ve heard you can do multiple desktops with Remote Desktop and Server 2008R2.  And you know what? It’s a piece of cake.

Start up Remote Desktop on the client system



Just click on the “Display Tab” and select “Use all my monitors for the remote session”



Connect up to that Server 2008R2 box and you are now running the same display setup as your client system!  This will allow you to PRETEND you have a cool Hyper-V capable laptop if you need to say, oh practice for a cool demo for cooooool Conference coming up 🙂

You can even run Powerpoint on the Remote system in Presenter mode allowing to view your Presentation on the Presenter’s side and STILL use the second display on the client side for the presentation!  And there appears to be no loss in speed since we’re running that incredibly efficient Terminal Server technology on the backend!

It was so easy to use!  Just clicked a box.  And if the remote system is running Windows 7?  The SAME FEATURE WORKS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!


The Energized Tech