Last time we got ourselves prepared to transfer our standalone DPM 2007 Server to a new environment.  Backing up the necessary information.  And remember, the data from the Storage Pool will not move.   You will have to keep the old server (Even powered off and cable unplugged) until the data in the pool is too old (IE: If you have a 5 day storage of data? Until you have 5 days of data on the new server, don’t do ANYTHING to the old one)


Now for the fun stuff.  First off this is going to be a BLANK storage.   The data will be on a “Go forward basis”, but if you do this right you will have all the Report history from the older DPMserver.


You first task is to restore the DPM Database

Restoring the DPM Database isn’t nasty all you have to do is run DPMSYNC to bring the Database back to DPM 2007.  the command (assuming DPMDB.BAK is in C:DPMBACKUP)





This will Restore the DPM database.   Now as normal, Use the Systems Center DPM2007 Console and add your disk under Management.   You will see the reference to the old disk you can (and should) remove this.  You *WILL* get a warning about having to reallocate your storage.  This is fine.

Now that you’ve put storage back into the pool you will have to reallocate your groups to the new Storage.   The command to run for that is


DPMSYNC.EXE –reallocatereplica


Now of course, depending on how much information you HAD backed up (Terabytes anybody?) This process will take time.   Also if you notifications on to let you know of issues?  DPM 2007 will be telling you about all the failures and all the successes for the next while until it’s done.   Best to power off that Smartphone for a little bit.

One other thing I noticed is that while this process is ongoing,  you will not be able to use the Management Console for DPM.  It will crash and error out.   So leave it alone and get a lunch while you’re waiting.  Re-allocation of about 800 gig took about 30 minutes.

This process works fine but my only complain to Microsoft was the lack of “updating” to the screen while it’s re-allocating.  It would be nice if the re-allocation process showed what it was reallocating.  Just so you know things ARE working.    Then again if you read those email updates from the server, you’ll see “Reallocated successfully” as things are happening.


Finally next time we’ll actually see how to bring the Report Server data back and finish the last bits.


The Energized Tech