I’d like to toss out a personal thank you to the Systems Center DPM 2007 team at Microsoft.   Here was a personal experience I had, you need to know about.

I had a problem.   A major problem.  

It was a report of all things.   The application was working fine but the output from one report wasn’t the way we needed it.

So I went to the blogs and submitted a simple statement


Or something along those lines.

So instead of getting a generic response like.  “We thank you for your request.  A representative of some type will examine your comments and smugly ignore them…”

I got a human.  Within minutes.

Listen clearly folks.  Microsoft LISTENS.   To the GOOD and the BAD.  In my case, I stated the bad with clear defined reasons as to what I needed.

And I got a response.  From the Team that handles Systems Center Data Protection Manager.  Not a blank, “We’ll think about it…” but a response of  “Hey can you help Sean out?   See if we can get him this report from DPM.”

This was in MINUTES from a simple request.  Not a $400 Technet call, not a hammering through the forums.  A simple, request through a Blog site for DPM on Microsoft.

They read it.  They acted on it.  They responded.   They are still working on it too!  A barrage of emails flew in and out of my mailbox from various members of that team.  Some just about to step off on vacation too!

But within 24 hours I was emailed a new Powershell script written by a gentleman in Microsoft Consulting called Ruud Baars.   A script that would access my Jobs queue across any DPM server and build the logs I needed.

This was done without fuss.   This was done efficiently.  This was done professionally.

And so I would like to pass along a Thank you to the many that man the front (and mid and rear lines) in Microsoft.   Often all you get to hear is that bad, the negative, the harsh criticism.

Today, you all get the positive.

Thanks for listening to my critique.   Thanks for responding quickly.

Thanks for being there.

The Energized Tech