For those of you not in the know, Microsoft has a lot of tools and systems that are FREE to download and use to enable YOU better in the IT World.   Tools they put as much R&D time into as Windows 7 or SQL Server 2008.

One of these is the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, of which the newest version, "MDT2010", was just launched yesterday.

MDT2010 is free to download and use.   With it you can create an LTI or “Light Touch Install” for your network (which allows you to build a stock image for Multiple workstations ready made for easier deployment).

You can even tie it directly in with WDS (Windows Deployment Services) a Role native to Server 2008 (and of course Server 2008R2) which allows you to step things up a notch more and prepare an environment where you can install the software over the LAN easily.

And again.  It’s free.

It requires a few components when doing deployment most notably the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Toolkit) which again is a free download, with which it uses these components when building the images.

If you’re looking for more details about the MDT, here’s the actual blog maintained by the the MDT Team at Microsoft to keep YOU in the loop on changes, improvements and hey, even a way to contact them!


There are many changes in MDT 2010 but the two that catch my eye (just because I’m a particular person) are the fact that this kit is the one you’ll need to work with Windows 7 / Server 2008R2 deployments.

But most, oh SO MOST importantly POWERSHELL SUPPORT!



Yes that always brightens my day.   So download the MDT2010 Toolkit now and enable yourself freely when working with Deployments, even small deployments.   It makes life a whole lot better.  And it’s FREE!

The Energized Tech