There are many of us out there, both Computer people and otherwise that might want to get involved.   In charity in helping out, in getting involved with the Community.

Whether your “Community” is I.T. or Computer centered, trying to raise money for others needing, or just in helping paint a fence for the neighbourhood.

And often we think “I’m too busy, I can’t get involved, I don’t have the time, I’m not rich enough, I can’t contribute enough to make a difference…”

But here’s a thought.  Just a thought.

Every contribution counts.  Not just financial.   Not in building the biggest monument to the world.

Community starts and grows in small ways.

How about something as simple as “Not flipping the bird” in traffic?   It seems small but that’s ONE less angry person in the world.    Occasionally assuming you’re in the wrong even in you’re not.   You’ve just contributed.

Helping somebody else save face by not feeling so bad about a dumb mistake they made.  Cracking a clean joke with somebody.   You’ve contributed.

Writing a song and singing it.  Even if you look foolish.  Others forget about their worries for a few moments as a result thinking “silly fool”.  There,  You’ve just contributed.

Sometimes we can contribute in the smallest ways to make the greatest difference.   Even if you’re cheering on those that are swinging the sword into the injustices of the world.  They can feel “It’s worth it” as they go flying into a 16” puddle of mud.  You’ve just contributed again.

And sometimes, it will catch up to you.  You’ll want to get involved on a higher level, and maybe take up those battles yourself.  

But Community is not about one person, it’s about all of us.   You can get involved without trying on so many levels.   Sure you can help out a homeless guy too from time to time if you have money to spare. Not all of us are rich but occasionally, throw that $5 for a lunch instead of a beer.

Or even Just smile and hold in that curse you were going to mutter this morning.


It’s easy 🙂

You just got involved in your Community.

And it didn’t even hurt.