Movies.  We all love ‘me

I haven’t been REALLY excited about a movie for a long time. 

Star Trek did it recently but there have been so many sequels of Star Trek the excitement just disappears after a while.


A return from the past

A movie that NEVER had a sequel made which was ground breaking.


Yes the original “TRON” is now coming back.   TRON LEGACY (in 3D)

Now personally?  I don’t care about the 3D.  If it’s done right it’ll enhance.  But I *AM* excited to see the story has come to life again.

TRON.  Virtual reality?  Forget that.  Becoming immersed 100% into the Digital world.  THAT was TRON.  This is now 27 years later the son has returned to Dad’s world.

View this trailer.   You’ll see what’s coming.  In 2010. 

The Master Control Program is waiting for you…