I love Technology, I love being an IT Pro.

Hell I love the bad days 🙂

But from time to time we must (And should) take *gasp* time off.

For the first time in a long time, I have a week off.  This is a Sunday afternoon and Yes, I have my laptop in front of me.  But it’s purely recreational.

I have one week completely unplanned, unscheduled, unmonitored, un SOP’s un SOXed un PCI’d, un IEEE’d un EVERTHINGED ahead of me.

Although by reading that last statement, I should probably spend an hour or so on my grammar.  Just how many made up words did I toss in there?

This is a Sunday and I thinking for a moment (on instinct) of all the stuff I need to, have to, should get done today (because normally I’d have to be up 5:30am for work on Monday)

But not today.   Today I’m thinking of some things I might want to do.  For fun.  Just that.

I just might get on my Bicycle and ride.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.

I could clean my basement, play some Xbox360 with the kids.  Watch a movie (I watched THREE yesterday back to back and it felt GOOD).

I had a comment on Twitter that having my first vacation in years as a “Staycation” must be against natural law or something.  True.  But then again, a Vacation should be about what you want to do first.

First?  I just want to sit.   Just not “THINK” for a day or so.  I don’t even want to think about an actual vacation.  My brain needs to go on “PAUSE”, relax and stretch its muscles.

I’d like to do something really stupid and unproductive just because I want to.

And for others thinking to themselves “There’s no time to take off, There’s too much to do…”

Let me tell you this, from experience.  That “MAJOR PROJECT”, the “THE WORLD IS GOING TO END” technological nightmare is always going to be there, and will continue to happen whether you are there or not.  The phones will always ring.

But you have to, NEED to take some time for yourself. Even just once in a while.

Even if it’s a Nerf Rocket fight at work.

Because even as the technological Superheroes as ITPros, the Code Ninja Sword swinging Uber Code Monkeys as Devs, as the very Xen of the Managers floats above us all to save the day, we are at heart humans.

Humans need to be human.

So sit down, read a book, let your feet soak, blow bubbles, feed a squirrel, play ping pong with the kids, fart openly without fear into the wind.

And just be yourself without worry for that time

Rest is good.

The Energized Tech