Looking at the calendar, I almost fainted.


It’s just over 30 days for the FIRST TECHDAYS-CA 2009 in Vancouver!  It’s already coming upon us! That’s right!  The SINGLE GREATEST technological Conference in Canada!


TWO days of raw Technical details lovingly baked into a smorgasbord of Knowledge Souffle for you.

And it’s still not too late to register!

The price is NORMALLY $599 but if you hurry and jump in before they change their minds, you can STILL nail Techdays-CA 2009 for $299!


$299 get’s you 8 (EIGHT!) Sessions of training by field experts and specialists.  This is NOT a Marketing tour.  This is REAL training provided by people who actually use this technology on a daily basis. People like you who’ve encountered the same problems as you have.  People who know the solutions you need.


And to make things even sweeter, you get a free one Year subscription to Technet Direct!  Technet Direct! 

That ALONE will put Technology like Windows 7 (FULL RELEASE!) and Server 2008 R2 into your heads.   SQL Server 2008, System Center Operations Manager, Exchange Server!   What value do you put on having ALL of those technologies at your hands for the next year.  INCLUDING TWO (2) Support incidents with Microsoft.

You leave Techdays loaded with raw knowledge and armed with the Technology to test it with, and given then teeth to take a good byte of it and savor it.


You can’t lose.




So why are you still reading this blog?



Go right now to WWW.TECHDAYS.CA and register!  With SEVEN locations in MAJOR CITIES across Canada between September and December,

There’s one for you.