This is why I subscribe to Cutting edge news AS it happens from the SOURCES.  I woke up to find a hot Tweet burning on my Desktop.

Flying left right and center “RSAT for Windows 7 Released”, “Windows 7 RSAT”

For the unlearned or new to the term RSAT is your

“Remote Server Administration Tools” or in simpler terms “Manage all your server functions from a Desktop”

You can click directly here which will bring you to the Microsoft site hosting the RSAT download for Windows 7

And for those of us living on the absolutely CUTTING edge in the edge managing a Network it’s a must have.   It’s not just nice to have.  It’s a MUST have.

One of the problems I had working in the field for Small Businesses was typically a lot (fine, let’s be  honest, *ALL*) of the Administration happened directly on the Server.  I hated that.   Really.   Most of the time I was creating Users, Administering the Disk, Modifying Shares or permissions.   There’s absolutely no need for that.   RSAT is a secure method of doing the bulk of your Administration work anywhere other than the server console.

The present incarnation of RSAT let’s you manage pretty much everything you could on the server.  Active Directory Users and Computers, Sites and Services, Group Policy, Hyper-V…

Does this sound like most of your server work?

It’ll work over VPN, It’ll work on a Virtual computer.

I’ll say this much.  It will at LEAST ONCE save you from having to explain to your boss “Why the main server accidentally rebooted because ‘somebody’ left a shutdown –f –r –t 0 in the Run line cached and accidentally ran it.”

That, that ALONE is worth the 90 seconds it will take to download and install RSAT.

So, are you with me?  You’ve got Windows 7?  Need RSAT?  Been chomping at the “Bits” for it?

Download it now for Windows 7 and put Remote Desktop away for good.   I also must commend Microsoft for putting the X64 and X86 versions on the same page.   This is a nice thing.  We’ve always hated running about looking for the ‘X64 version’.  Keep this up, and great job guys!

And if you’re running Windows Vista it’s available too and has been for a long time by going here for the X86 Version or here for the X64 Version.  In Vista, Hyper-V is a separate management Add-on from here for the X86 version or here for the X64 version.

Windows XP owners can STILL do this as well only it’s called the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack.  This is the Service Pack 1 version, but if you just search for that name and you should get what you need, I think there is only an X86 version but don’t quote me on that.  Managing Hyper-V from Windows XP still requires a Remote Desktop session.  

But of course now that Windows 7 is out, you’re going to deploy it throughout your Windows XP environment anyhow right? 😉

So join with me and sit at your laptop and do all your Administration work.   Avoid those embarrassing situations that can happen at the server console.

Unless of course it’s a really hot day.  In which case *YES* go sit in that fully Air-Conditioned server room. 🙂


The Energized Tech