As the song said, it’s “The Final Countdown”.  And it’s your time to shine.

If you’re even thinking, considering, possibly got it in your mind to go to Microsoft Techdays 2009 in Canada in Toronto or Vancouver, this is the absolute final week for registration.


Let’s review the facts, shall we?


$299 is the price. Five separate training tracks, Over 30+ available sessions available to choose from.

Two days of solid training by Industry experts and those in the use of the technology.


A full Year of Technet Direct thrown in, more than the cost of the Techdays-ca 2009 fee alone normally and an untouchable value with access to almost all Microsoft software for a full year with TWO support incidents packaged in, online resources and Technet Magazine.


A chance to mingle with your peers and experts, others with similar problems and a way to garner solutions.


And, why not, two days for yourself.  Away from the office.

So don’t fall asleep on your career like this guy!


Seize the opportunity and jump to the next level. Techdays-ca 2009 is calling you. Open up your mind and let it all in.


Register now at, and with only one week to go for Toronto and Vancouver registrations, time is short.    End the summer with a bang and kick off your career.