I cannot confess to knowing his work in any great detail.  But a true great was lost this week.   One of the few originals of our time.

A man who’s work touched and carried over to so many.

You didn’t touch or hear about guitars even once, you didn’t hear music, you didn’t think ROCK without hearing one name.

Les Paul

Les Paul who’s work in the music field touched so many.   So many famous groups used his equipment.   There are certain iconic names that formed the industry.  His is one.

You didn’t listen to AC/DC without at least ONCE hearing The Gibson Les Paul, one of the most coveted guitars out there, in use.

You weren’t a kid if you didn’t dream of having a guitar like that.

Les Paul was gifted as a craftsman, a musician, and a human.  

For ‘94 long years the world enjoyed his presence.   And now his physical presence has passed on.

But unlike Levi’s Jeans and their famous phrase “Old Blue Jeans never Die, they just Fade Away” Les Paul has died.

But his work, his legacy, those who have been touched by him, will not and can not ever fade away.

And as such, Les Paul will live on forever, an icon in world history.