Yes.  This is a good day.  I have Windows 7 RTM downloaded and ready to go.   I’m going to try the RTM on everything my hands can try.   I’ve heard it’s faster than RC even.

Today I’m trying the direct upgrade path on my 6 to 7 year old Dell laptop.  Good specs.  2 gigs of ram but it IS 7 year old technology.

I decided to go “green first” and convert by portable bootable USB media to Windows 7 RTM and install / upgrade straight from there.

I can’t wait.

I have Windows 7 RTM about to boot up right now as I type this blog.  There will be a “lights out” moment as I upgrade (which you won’t see) and when I return, you’ll see “ooohs” and “aaaaaahhss

So for the moment.


SET-LIGHTOUTS | where { $-.Windows7Upgrade –eq ‘TRUE’ }

*** *** ***

*** ***


So the lights are on.   I’ve backed up and restored my data with Windows Easy Transfer.   The install was quick and painless.  I’ve chosen the clean install.  For whatever reason my personal RC wouldn’t upgrade but with Windows Easy Transfer it didn’t matter.   It backed up everything.  It gave me a list of applications I SHOULD re-install to make everything run the same as before.   All my files are back in place (including some things I stupidly left at the root of C:)

And really there’s not much to say other than.

Nicer background.

It’s faster.  Boy is it faster.  Oh BABY is it faster.  A Three year Dell laptop and it boots up in 30 seconds to the login prompt!

Oh and did I mention?  I only needed to download the Sound Card driver.   Everything else either detected out of the box or immediately after the first update.

And I am

For the first time in a long time

At O/S Nirvana

I have Windows 7 RTM.