Yes the same fellow behind Powershell Plus!

One of the little voices that got ME going just during {HEROES HAPPEN HERE} when he asked this lowly fellow if he could borrow the lyrics from “Highway to Powershell” for a demo

“Could he?”

My jaw dropped.  THE Tobias Weltner?

Well Dr. Weltner has open up his mind and generosity to the community with a FREE (That’s right, Gratis, no catch 22, No charge) eBook that’s ALL about Powershell.   A book regular people who have NO CLUE about Powershell or .NET can just Pickup and go at it.

Go Right here, right now and download it.  Click on the link that says “Download eBook and read as PDF”

And if you find it useful?  Repay him in the best way you can.  Buy Powershell Plus and load the power in your hands.  Or pass along this knowledge to a friend.  Share the book. 

Enjoy the beauty that is Powershell.


”It’s So Easy, and It’s Free…”
Highway to Powershell