Oh this is cool.  I never went to a Sci Fi fan exposition before.  I never knew what I was missing.

I went with my son last year for fun. Last year at FanExpo 2008 in Toronto He enjoyed the Star Wars bits.  I still have his picture with a StormTrooper.

But it’s coming this year.

I may have to sell my Xbox360, and would do so willingly to go there.

So many of my childhood and adulthood heroes are there this year.

Now let me say something now.  I know they are all actors.   But the roles they played, I associated with on such a high level.  And they did help form and shape me.

Certain names you say, you eyes begin to light up

Bruce Campbell, Lou Ferrigno, Robert Duncan McNeil, Billy Dee Williams, Walter Koenig, Avery Brooks…

And I just about dropped my glass when I saw this name

I almost fainted


You would have to be dead and living on Planet Antares for past 80 years to NOT know that name.


Leanord “Mr. Spock” Nimoy.   A character that stood for pure logic, had emotion but controlled it.

A character as a five year old I associated with.  I understood that feeling somehow.

Years before becoming an IT Pro, years before my basement collection.

Even before touching my first pocket calculator.

“Mr. Spock” is going to be there, this year.


So forgive me this month, if my mind seems out there.   A little leeway if I’m busy trying to get the cash together.

For this month, to launch my dreams forth one final time.

I am going to do what I have to for just a few moments, just a single moment in time.

To stand and maybe have a picture with one of my biggest heroes.

Leanord Nimoy.

If you’re interested, check out www.fanexpocanada.com for more details and pricing.

And me?

I feel like a kid again.  Thanks Mr. Nimoy for taking the time. and thanks FanExpo for getting this setup.

I’m feeling a tear come on.