I start this article with one statement.  There is no sarcasm intended here.   I was (and still am) waiting for the Duke to surface.

I played Duke Nukem 3D.  I loved it.  Even years AFTER to today’s technology, it has fantastic gameplay.    It has something a lot of today’s games still lack

Character.  RAW Character.  RAW unmitigated, uncompromising, unrelenting and UNFORGIVING character.

“Duke Nukem”

A Character that is so WRONG and so SEXIST in today’s modern world.  So undeniably and over the top MACHO that he doesn’t fit.

Which in some ways is why I cheer for his return.   I cheer for him to come out and make mistakes and step on pigs, kick alien bad ass guys and shake his Dollars at the cheesy strippers.

Duke Nukem was human, more human than most of us.  That’s why we loved him.     We loved and still love Duke Nukem (the character and the game) because he was our chance to step out and be wrong, make mistakes, live out the part of us we shouldn’t.


And yeah, blow up badass aliens for a few hours a day, or a few weeks at a time 🙂

And so, understanding the changes 3Drealms has had to undergo, restructuring, changes, designs, staffing.  I offer this to George Broussard.  This idea.

Keep the licensing to Duke Nukem.  You created that character that shouldn’t be lost.  Keep all the technology rights.   It was your heart and soul that should not die.

But release the code to the Opensource or some community that has time to pour into Duke to let finally, once and for all, bring Duke Nukem Forever to light.

“Duke Nukem” has been caged for over TWELIVE YEARS.   Let him out.  Let him roam free.

Let him “Kick ass and Chew Bubble Gum” in the modern day.

For we all so badly need to see….. and be…. “the Duke” …. one more time