I ran into a small problem when backing up a Child in Hyper-V that drove me nuts.    5 times out of 6 it would fail.

The Integration Services for Backup was installed properly but for whatever reason, Data Protection Manager 2007 would not back it up.

But another machine would.

I still haven’t nailed down the “why”.  I’m assuming there is too much going on with the Machine with SQL running on it, for it to get a solid window of quiet in Shadow Copy to get all the information.

But I did find an acceptable workaround in the moment.

First thing, for the particular virtual machine giving you problems with Data Protection Manager 2007, Go into it’s settings in Hyper-V.  De-select “Backup” from under Integration Services.

Then in Data Protection Manager 2007, Right click on the particular object for the Child partition being backed up and select “Stop Protection of Member”

In the Window coming up after this, choose “OK” and MAKE SURE 200% that the box marked “Delete replica on disk” is ***NOT CHECKED OFF***

This will remove the computer from the configuration for Data Protection Manager 2007.

Now go and RE-add the machine back in to the configuration as you normally would in Data Protection Manager 2007.   You will find that Hyper-V child is now being backed up using “Backup Using Saved State”

The advantage is you will find this is a more consistent backup.  The drawback is that you ARE interrupting the normal operation of this machine for a moment as Hyper-V does a quick save and backup of the Child partition in question.

It will involve a deeper look to know the WHY but it is also just as highly critical to have a backup of the system.  

A second alternate solution I came up with, would be to attach an additional VHD to the Machine in question (if you can’t interrupt it’s flow) and run whatever native backup it has (Full Backup) and use the secondary VHD as a storage location for the data.

The Energized Tech