Ok I have subscription to Technet Direct.  Which comes in handy for testing out a LOT of the new software and current software.  You get a lot of amazing resources.
But one of the ones that often gets overlooked is the Technet Resources DVD.     I happened to download that since the hyperlink online to Microsoft for a particular product did not work.   So I downloaded the DVD copy hoping for the information. 
And in looking for MY information, I found something the whole Community can use.  It’s free, it’s about Powershell, I wish I saw it before (because it is that "Holy Grail" that get’s your feet wet and gives you that basic understanding)
And it’s right here online. 
Won’t cost you a thing, get’s you the basics and it’s right in the middle of Script land in Microsoft, so odds are there’s a huge pile of sample Powershell scripts sitting there.
But Right smack there the whole time!  What do you know?
Read, print, enjoy and Love Powershell
The Energized Tech