In my present position I get to manage users and provide support.  And sometimes (many times) there are problems I just can’t solve.
And in those cases, I have had the privlidge to work with the people that really know how to solve the problems.
If you’ve ever looked the support for a Microsoft product and wondered if the "Pay for support" was worth the cost?
Let me tell you, it is worth TEN TIMES the cost you might have to pay.
These people in product support, from the person initially answering the phone, to the senior level technicians, don’t often get handed praise.   Often they get to hear the negative from customers cursing and swearing at them.  It is rare they get to hear praise floating back.
Then let me say this now, to you Microsoft, to your support teams and all the people who have to sit at the end of the phone trying to deal with an issue and never get to hear it.
Thanks.    From the bottom of my heart thanks.   You guys, when things needed to be sorted out, did it and made my day better.
And especially a big Thank you to the Systems Center Data Protection Manager guys.   YOU ROCK!   The previous batch of Blog posts regarding Data Protection Manager would *NOT* have been possible if it wasn’t for their assistance in making things happen.
Stand up and give yourselves a big pat on the back.
The Energized Tech