You’re hearing it here first.   Hot off the presses.    So hot I had to shut my system down twice from overheating.

This is something you must take advantage of *NOW*.  The pricing for Microsoft Techdays Canada has been pulled out for you my friends.

Even venue will hold a TWO DAY session jam picked with the greatest mass amount of training you can cram into your brain.

Training covering areas from the Client end to the Backend for both Infrastructure IT Pro type guys like me andf Stuff that will keep the Developers in your company drooling and too busy to ask for more ram. 

$599 is the full price for Two JAM PACKED days of training. 

BUT WAIT! You’d like to save money right?


Well Guess What I’ve Got?

Something you can use right now and share.

A Major discount! 

Not a little $2 coin either.

How about “HALF OFF!”.

That’s right.  Early registrations get in at $299!  Just use this discount code TDUGVIP Put that in perspective.   Try to get training at ANY center for that price at a private course.   This is up to *30* available sessions across FIVE DIFFERENT TRACKS! Developing for the Microsoft Based Platform, Developer Fundamentals and Best Practices, Windows Client, Servers Security and Management and even Communications and Collaborations!

Just WHERE are you going to be able to dive into THAT much available training at that price?



So what are you waiting for ?

Seize the OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime!  Get the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION price right now!  USE Access code TDUGVIP .  That’s right TDUGVIP.  Just think “THAT DOGGONE UNBELIEVABLE GIVEN VERY IMPORTANT PROFESSIONAL” Price!

And it’s for you!  You if you jump on the opportunity now.  

REGISTER ONLINE NOW and seize the opportunity before all is booked up.   Seven locations this year all across Canada.  Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary and THIS YEAR!  For all of you on the east Coast!  HALIFAX.

One in a Major Metropolitan area near *YOU*


So no excuses. 

That that Early bird code TDUGVIP register online RIGHT NOW at before Registrations are full

Your brain will thank you later 🙂