I’ve got a secret that I’m going to share.

Details will be here tomorrow morning, if you’re reading this Blog if you read this post.  Echo it.  Retweet it.  Share it with all your friends here in Canada and anybody else who might be interested.

I’ll have full details tomorrow morning.   There’s a little discount code you’re going to see.  You’ll want this.

Grab it.  Share it with your boss.  Share it with your neighbour.  Seize the opportunity of a lifetime for TWO SOLID DAYS of INTENSE TRAINING with Industry Specialists.  Two days of raw uninhibited Technology.   A PERFECT excuse to get away from WORK for TWO DAYS!

And I promise you… 

This will be worth it

Microsoft Canada Techdays 2009

It’s RETURNING!  And Special Pricing will be available tomorrow!  Watch and don’t miss it!

Microsoft Canada Techdays 2009

Details tomorrow… Don’t Miss it!