I have nothing against Sony or their products but if you have a Sony Playstation 3, avoid the update to 2.76.  Apparently there have been quite a few issues as evidenced by this YouTube video reporting on the issue.

Now In my opinion, any manufacturer, no matter who, can mess up.  People are imperfect.

But in the industry it’s important on how you resolve the issue.

Sony will charge you money to fix your system after an automatic Sony firmware update disables or cripples the unit.

I love the comments from these guys.   Everybody knocks Microsoft.   But what was interesting was this simple statement.

“At least when my Xbox gets the Red Ring of Death, Microsoft fixes it for free…”

That’s important statement made by a customer.  It’s not just always about the product, it’s how support that product both when the good and the bad happens.   Microsoft seems to be willing to take the loss for their customers in order to retain them long term.

I think Sony could take a page from this regarding their automatic Firmware updates killing off a system or crippling it.