In the new Powershell within Server 2008R2 you may not be aware of one really cool thing (Well a couple of amazing things)
But the biggest if the fact that the Active Directory modules are now PART of the management features in Powershell!
I love using Quest’s addons.  They’re amazing and work better than sliced bread (Although for the life of me I can’t imagine why I stick bread in the SAN every Monday morning)
But I love stock.  Keeping the system as pure as possible.  There are a number of reasons, patching, complexity on re-install.
But I like the logic that "This configuration was tested by Microsoft and if it breaks I know *ALL* the email addresses and phone numbers to start ringing to get it fixed"
That and the fact that a LOT of R&D was put into this.  
What does it need to get used?  
Server 2008R2
That’s it.   And you need make sure it’s a DC in your domain, so there may be some /FORESTPREP and /DOMAINPREP needed first to allow it to join as a DC.  There’s a new interface "Active Directory Web Applications" I believe was the name, that gets used by the Active Directory module in Powershell V2.
But larger sites not ready may not be willing to extend the schema for just one application (No matter how great it is!) and they can still use the Quest Active Roles to manage the system.  
But it’s there.   And now there’s absolutely NO excuse for you not to be using Powershell.
Whether it’s for batch jobs or repetitive tasks or mass manipulation of data.
Or just handing off simple admin tasks to a Junior tech without handing him/her the "HOWTO" manual, all the kids and the Active Directory console.  And crossing your fingers you don’t get called back the next day to do an Authoritative Restore.
Active Directory management tools.   Part of the O/S.  Have at it and enjoy.
The Energized Tech