So much technology, so much to grasp.
A little bird breathed in my ear.
"Windows 7, Multitouch"
What did you say?
Yes technology that allows you to use the screen itself as a direct interface into the operating system without a mouse and minimal to no keyboard input.   And we’re not talking Tablet PC folks or Apple Newton days.
Picture stuff STRAIGHT OUT of Star Trek, 2001 and ANY Science Fiction movie you can imagine.  Have you seen "Minority Report"? That cool Scifi movie with Tom Cruise. NOT FAR FROM THAT!
Only it’s HERE and NOW.
You’ve seen demos online of the Microsoft Surface technology.  Using your hands and fingers to pull out sections of information.  But my jaw dropped, hit the floor and rolled RIGHT OUT THE DOOR when somebody whispered this to me.
"It’s part of Windows 7.  The Future is in your hands…"
But that didn’t surprise me.  What did was the cost, or more correctly the lack thereof.
I heard numbers about the MultiTouch technology *IN* a laptop (including the whole laptop) being under $800 unit I almost fainted.
And then it dawned on me.
If a laptop might be under $800 and the MultiTouch technology is a feature of the display….
The little bird nodded.
"It won’t take much to change your PC to multitouch without scrapping the hardware… Just a different monitor and Windows 7"
So now a quest.   To find a multitouch Display, or find some way to convert my system to multitouch.
Because I’ve never seen such a thing of beauty, and the average person can get their hands on it.
Windows 7 and Multi Touch being built in….
Yeah 🙂