Microsoft is one big company.  One of the reasons I like dealing with them and their people is they do give back to the community daily.

Including providing some free resources.  

Sometimes even just slicing the cost of those resources down.   I mean if you don’t have the training, you can’t use the technology effectively right?

I was poking about on the E-learning catalogs last night when I noticed some feeds down the side I thought I would share with the rest of you.  Their not “deep dark and hidden” but it’s something we can all share.

The two I thought you might all want to share in are particularly the Free Products feed and Special Offers.  If you subscribe to these RSS feeds you might find all sorts of stuff available for online training, some free books from time to time or other specials offered by Microsoft.   The free courses are sometimes normally $350 when taken online, so this isn’t something that should just be ignored.

It’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

Another opportunity to seize is the Career Assist Package and Second Shot Offer.   Hurry on this.  The Career Assist Package ends June 30th 2009!

What the career assist package *IS* is 90% of a Microsoft E-Learning course.  So instead of paying $350 for one of those courses that aren’t free?  $35! 

And the second Shot is simple.  If you write a certification exam and fail, (because these things are expensive) You you RE-Take it one more time for free!  

Because it’s all about community.

Take advantage of these offers and follow those RSS feeds.  There’s almost always some free things in there for both Developers AND ItPros alike.

The Energized Tech