Sung to the "Scarecrow Song" from the "Wizard of "Oz"

Dedicated to anybody ever having to deal with Computer Users and Their Problems

"If they Only Had a Brain"

I was sitting there a fiddling
My thumbs they were a twiddling
I was staring at the screen

When along there came a user
It was a goofy little loser
Who was grouchy and so mean

His face was oh so very tired
His password had expired
His day was gone and done

"I need you to reset it
Do it quick I may forget it
So I can go and have some fun"

They forget each little thing
Each living day my ears they ring

How their screen is slighty off
Or when they mistype when they cough.

Some days I have to have a giggle
Do a chuckle or a sniggle
Or Maybe go insane

Oh my word here comes another
Forgot his own name and I shudder
"If They ONLY Had a Brain"