Had one I got to stumble over a few times.

A misbehaving Blackberry. 

Now before the diehards come out of the crevices, I work with Technology.  Not just Microsoft, not just Apple or Linux.  Technology.

And I don’t care *WHO* you talk to, I’ve spent enough time on enough devices to create one Truth.

THEY ALL BREAK.  That’s the nature of the beast.  Sometimes big, sometimes small. 

But they all fail.

In the past 6 months I’ve seen Blackberry’s

*** Fail from a damaged USB connector

*** Unit completely Give and die

*** Weird email things

*** DOA

But in all fairness sometimes they are fixable for stupid reasons.  In the case of the Blackberries it’s the infamous "Service Books".  Service books are their lifeline, their configuration about various aspects of the unit.

Think of a service book as a file.   Ever seen a file go bad?  I have.  It’s digital.  It’s run off power.  Power fails.  Batteries get weak.   Information gets corrupted.

So in my case I had a couple of Blackberries (including my Boss’) go bad.   They would either send email but not receive or receive but not send.

I went to one extreme (Complete format because it was the boss’ Blackberry and it had to be 100% perfect) to actually digging for an answer (because time was not on my hands to do a proper fix)

Turns out in both cases (thanks to a little search in some Blackberry forums) you needed to delete a Service Book called "Desktop(Cmime)" who’s job it is to deal with Email flow (or at least part of it).

Now normally you just "Resend the Service books" and life gets good.   *RIGHT*

But I tried that and “NOTHING WORKED” even after deleting the “DESKTOP(Cmime)” Service book and resending it.  It just wouldn’t appear.

But it turns out that if you tether (Plug in the USB cable and try to sync), sometimes that’s what needed to get the service book to “load” 

Well son of a gun.   Once it was tethered, it began to pull down the service book via USB! Bing!  Unit was running again.

But the other extreme is an apparent "Dead" Blackberry.  I say apparent because there is a Base boot code on them.  Very base.   So apparently the other trick if you’re REALLY dead in the water is to charge the bebingers out of it, download an updated firmware for the Blackberry from your local provider for that model, Install the firmware update on the PC, and then apply that firmware to the Unit via the Blackberry desktop Manager.

Here’s the catch.   If the unit is "mostly dead" (as opposed to an actual "BRICKED") unit You can go into Desktop Manager, choose "Application Loader", Select "Update Software" WHILE THE BLACKBERRY IS *NOT* Attached.

When you see the slightly grey box that says


Follow this sequence EXACTLY

1) Connect USB cable to Blackberry with Battery removed and *IMMEDIATELY* click “OK” when the ok Button lights up.  IGNORE ANY WEIRD INFORMATION UNDER “PIN” like UNIDENTIFIED.  THIS IS NORMAL

Apply the software update.   Once the procedure begins, connect the battery and cross your fingers.  This process can take quite a while.  It will fail if you have a bad battery.   Get a Charged battery or at least a CHARGEABLE battery.  

But if you’re dead in the water on the Blackberry this could breathe life into it.  Please note.  Oddly enough the firmware update process works on Windows Vista but NOT on Windows 7.  The procedure does detect but somewhere it hangs on Windows 7.

So just in case you’re stuck, before you launch that Blackberry into the middle of a major Highway, here’s a failsafe.   I’ve successfully revived about 5 “Mostly Bricked” units this way.  

But sometimes they are just toast, and if that’s the case?  Personally go by a nice new Smartphone and give up on the Blackberry 🙂

The Energized Tech