Ok here’s the thing.

You’re a tech like me, you don’t carry a bag full of DVD’s to get scratched.  You have an army of ISO files.  Backup media, potential Boot media.  Perhaps even downloads from Technet.

So if you have Windows 7 and you need to make a DVD of that or CD? 

Done.  Built into the O/S and life is good!

But what if you have Vista, Windows XP?  Or what if (just if) that silly ISO file won’t burn to the DVD?

Here you are not dead in the water.

I’ve run into a few good programs (most good techs will know about them, it’s nothing new) that provide a good solid alternate ISO burning capability to you.

Cost? Nil.  Nada.

But you should chip in to the developer, they’re worthy every penny.

The most common one, dead simple and almost never ever fails is the ISO Recorder made by Alex Feinman.  It’s saved my Bacon more than once with an older laptop.

Another good one I ran into recently (because for whatever reason my brain shutoff and I couldn’t find Mr. Feinman’s excellent program) is IMGBURN.  It seems to be a little more powerful than the previous ISO Burner and has a bigger fancier wizard.   But like it’s the previous one, dead simple just install and away you go.

The end result in both cases is the ability to burn ISO file’s to CD / DVD on the fly.  Handy in situations where you’ve got a burner and no ISO burning software.  (more common than you think)

And of course if you’d like to be friendly to the environment, I like to just mount those suckers and save the DVD or CD whenever possible.   The Virtual CloneDrive from SlySoft is another “Free yet great to use” utility.  Install it and you can mount those ISO files like just another CDrom, without having an actual CD rom part 🙂

Oh and didn’t I mention the best part?

As of this writing, No spyware, malware, infectware, bugware, pestware, lieware, uselessasanythingware stuck in ANY of these programs.

The Energized Tech