Each night, when I have a few minutes.   I glance at the Statistics on my Blog.   It’s not much to read.   It’s interesting to see if anything I have written has been relative to the world out there.  

Occasionally I get a real “shocker” like when I wrote the parody “Highway to Powershell” and found about 900 hits in 24 hours.  (I thought I was under attack only it was just a completely amazing flow of enthusiasm from the Powershell community and a certain Father of Powershell)

Tonight I was glancing and noticed somebody actually read a VERY old Post of a Parody/Praise (none of my stuff really pokes fun, so they’re only “Parody” in the legal sense)

It was “Long Road to Redmond”, a little thing I wrote about two years ago depicting a challenge I had set for myself.    I just realized the Video content was never posted on the blog.  

So for those of you that know me, cover your ears and move away 🙂

Those of you who don’t.  I apologize.  My passion as a computer guy sometimes leaps out through my voice.  And one of my earlier attempts with mixing Video and Sound with Audacity, Movie Maker in Vista.   And I believe I used a cheapo $1 microphone from Dollarama for the sound (thus that “tinny quality”)

Anyhow, here you go.  “Long Road to Redmond”.  And old Youtube from the Archives.   Lyrics (if you care) are here on and older Post when it was “LandOfSilly”