I had to reinstall my workstation at work.  I didn’t WANT to… but had to.  I had to.  I REALLY had to.
My boss, who is the NICEST GUY ON THE PLANET is probably reading this post right now. 
"I can’t believe he broke Windows 7 Beta… I just can’t believe it…. Only Kearney could… I’m ‘calling him out!’"
Something like that.  In all fairness to Microsoft and my Boss (REALLY REALLY SUPER SUPER NICE GUY!!!) I *WAS* playing and loading it up and unloading things and well… *YES*
I broke it.
So limped for the day, and after the days end I had to reinstall.  My own dumb fault too.   There’s only some much poking, prodding, hacking MSI installs ANY thing can take.
and I had a choice (Being trial software anyhow).  Windows 7 x64 RC1 or Server 2008 R2 RC1.
I wanted to see if this machine was Hyper-V capable (turned out it was Virtualization capable but no Hypervisor on the CPU) and I really wanted to have the ability to run ANY server administration built in. 
I can get RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows 7.  That’s a non-issue.  I can run all my Administration under Windows 7. 
But somehow having a "Server O/S" as a Workstation was just TOO Geeky to pass up.   And maybe there would be a lesser chance of "Kearney Breaking it" 😉
So it installed, and with a few minor tweaks (Disabled the IE Enhanced Security, installed Java and My Office Apps) and putting in Vista x64 drivers.  Added in a whole WAAZZOOOO of Remote Server tools.  Yes it was painless and smooth.
But it felt… well…. lacking.  Something was wrong, something was missing…. something….
Yes I had been spoiled.   Months of Windows 7 Beta and you REALLY miss the new taskbar and features.  But all was not lost.   There was a similiar article for Server 2008 to enable Aero in Vista .  So I decided to see just what it would do in Server 2008 R2.
Follow all those wonderful steps (actually not THAT many) and you’ll be looking at the Windows Search, Windows 7, Aero goodness in NO TIME at all.
And you get a really Kick butt Administration tool to boot (and a little *Geek Cred*)
And hopefully a Boss who won’t be ready to "Call you out" because you managed to tie up most of the morning with reboots.
Because my Boss (like most boss’s) is under a lot of pressure.   He needs a few buttons pushed as possible.
Oh and did I say it yet?
The Energized Tech