Let me start off by saying this.   I think Adobe makes an excellent product.  Adobe Acrobat is wonderful and powerful.

And their own personal reader takes a lot to desire.

One of the problems I have encountered over the years CONSISTENTLY is their own reader for viewing PDF documents tends to NEED to be upgraded and then tends to cause bigger problems as a result.  Whether it be the ActiveX component does not remove properly, or it causes the Reader to crash when printing PDF files that are a slightly newer version.

Or the fact that it’s a 45 meg download to view the silly files.

There are better solutions.   Adobe did good.  Other’s are doing better.

Take FOXIT.  They came up with a small footprint application that can view PDF files without taking out the system.  It’s simple effective and works.


And not laced with Spyware or Malware is a nice bonus.   

It seems to have all the functionality of the Standard Adobe Reader without any of the mess.    I can zoom, print, select and copy text and even search as I could with the Adobe Reader.

I just don’t need to keep watching my system crash every time I go to print or browse a PDF file on a web site.

They even have an inexpensive application (About $30 US) for creating PDF Files or a Full Blown PDF Editor (About $99 US).

I don’t think Adobe Acrobat is a bad application.   But I do think they need to look into it’s incompatibility issues.  And perhaps the cost. 

But just food for thought, alternatives are good to have.

The Energized Tech