Today I was out the door early today.  5:15am out the door to get to Microsoft Mississauga.   For an “Install Fest”.

Initially I was signed up as a participant.

But this turned out to be far more interesting.   I got to help.

And I found this was far more energizing than anything I had ever encountered.  I was one of a team of “Proctors”, people there to help Microsoft help others installing Windows 7 Beta on their computers.

I don’t know the official count but I saw people of all walks of life enter in with PC’s and laptops just to get a chance to tryout a Beta copy of the new Windows 7!

Running about left right, handing out media, answer questions, helping troubleshoot, working and helping to keep the flow smooth.

I loved it!

I’m not surprised that I loved it but this was better than Energize IT 2008 on so many levels.  And to imagine this was echoed across Canada.   In different areas.    Microsoft and the Community hand in hand.

And for it to be a chance to touch base with other IT Professional and Developers again.  Friends, colleagues, peers.

To see an idea offered up by Microsoft to the crowd and see SO MANY react positively to it.

The room with so many Beta fish not fighting 🙂

Windows 7 is the successor to Windows Vista.   It’s in Beta.

It’s going to be an exciting day when it’s released!