It’s not tomorrow.  It’s note even in a few weeks.

But it’s happening.

The planning has ALREADY begun.

Microsoft Techdays 2009 is in the works.

Keep your eyes on

Also watch, and various other sites run by user groups and enthusiasts across Canada for further details.

What is it?  I can’t tell you what it isn’t.

It isn’t a waste of time.

It’s a cost effective chance for people to get training they normally can’t.   A large 2 days smorgasbord of topics for IT professionals, Managers and Developers.

It’s for everybody.

Check out for details regarding last year, and forums and online posts regarding other’s experiences for Techdays.

I can tell you that I personally, out of pocket, paid for Techdays 2008.  I couldn’t afford it.

But I also couldn’t afford NOT to.

And there wasn’t ONE session I walked out that didn’t give me at LEAST a nugget of knowledge I wasn’t able to use in the last six months.

So drop that thought in your hat.  Keep it there.  When there is more information available to the public that I hear about Techdays I will echo it to you.   Dates are projected as early as September 2009 in Toronto.

Come let it all hang out.
A day for you and me wrapped in Technology

It’s early but watch for it happening

Microsoft Techdays 2009

The best bang for the buck in Canada of intense training.