I had been banging my head against a wall.

One printer.

One STUPID printer.


Wouldn’t print.

I had replaced drivers, updated drivers, reset network settings. tested for connectivity, Rebuilt it, tried it on a different box, rebooted the controller.

I believe I even pulled out a Voodoo doll in desperation.

But no matter what I did.  It wouldn’t print.

Now here’s the kicker.   The PRINT server would send the job every time.  And it would report as if it just printed happily.

The printer showed NO ERRORS!

So thousands of pages would just end up on Rod Serlings desk in the Twilight Zone.

No rhyme or reason.

So I started digging in the features of the unit, looking for something to show me what happened or why at least.   Noticed a small piece.

“Installed language – PCL 5e”

Hmmm that’s funny.  I’d a sworn that printer a big expensive beast from a certain company that starts with “X” and almost always ends in an “X”.  I was almost certain it HAD Postscript.

That’s why I CHOSE a Postscript driver.

Now HERE’s the odd and interesting part.  NORMALLY (LET me stress this 1000′ times over, this is NOT the first or the last printer I have ever set up) *N*O*R*M*A*L*LY* if you print Postscript to a NON Postscript enabled printer, you DO get output but it is the postscript language (PURE TEXT).  In which case you say “Oh Gee, guess Postscript didn’t come with this.”

But for some LAME BRAIN reason (save paper maybe?) some Wingnut designer decided to go against the flow against EVERY OTHER PRINTER MANUFACTURER and have it accept and drop the Postscript jobs and NOT SAY ANYTHING!

Every other model (including I might add, EARLIER and LATER versions) would normally a) print the Postscript text or b) spit out an Error indicating no Postscript.

But Nooooooooooooo……. some rocket scientist had to get fancy on this model.

So I flipped the server driver to PCL5e and it just started working.  Fine.  On that level I am happy.   But if you are designing a printer, for Christsake, IF THERE IS AN ERROR WITH THE LANGUAGE OR PROTOCOL OR ANYTHING – LOG IT!!!!

First time I’ve ever encountered such idiocy on a $50,000 All in One printer.

Cheers all.   Sometimes the answer isn’t obvious because sometimes no wrong answers come back LIKE they SHOULD.

The Energized Tech