This is something I had to blog about.

Three weeks.

Three weeks in a row non stop working.

Involved in and honoured to have worked with some of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to have worked with in the most difficult tiring inspiring mind numbing foot killing smelly challenging projects in my entire life.

Have you ever wondered when you saw a project that both energized excited and terrified you if you would or could see it through?

Let me tell you now.  When you see that challenge, don’t run away.  Embrace it.  See it as a challenge to find out what you can and can’t do.  Find the lessons it teaches you. 

You will see it through to the end.

I discovered my limits still have not been reached, on some levels I am on par with my peers, and I still have a lot to learn.

And that no matter how difficult the days are… I LOVE BEING AN IT PROFESSIONAL!

It’s not just about technology.  It’s about people.  It’s about seeing what you do and how it affects others.  How you can HELP enable them.  How you CAN work with developers and HELP them try to get their applications to work successfully.  

It’s about staring and banging your head away at a problem, wondering if you can ever find the solution working with others and suddenly that little light pops up screaming “EUREKA!”

The elation is indescribable.

And thanks to this project I am seeing what parts of technology really are infusing me and Energizing me.

I would also like to publicly and personally send a thanks to Cameron McKay and Adam of Cole of McKesson Canada for allowing me this opportunity.  Especially Cameron McKay who designed this mammoth infrastructure project.

I would also like to tip a hat to our own Mitch Garvis for the opportunity to have worked by his side on this project.   A truer professional I have never met.

If you are wondering if you’ll ever hit your limits as a computer professional Let me tell you this.

If you truly love the job, whether you’re a developer, an IT Pro, CIO or even just a kid who runs back and forth dropping toner in a printer.

You’ll go far. 

My name is Sean Kearney.

The Friday Funny Guy.