So how many of us would like to just sit at our desk ALL DAY LONG and manage the servers from there.  Relaxing.  Having a coffee (Does coffee relax you?).   Not even BOTHERING with a remote Desktop session for your servers.
How would you like to walk into a client site and have all that power sitting on even a small lower powered laptop?
Well you CAN!
If you need to work with Active Directory, Group Policy and various other features normally installed on the server you need the Remote Server Administration Tools.
It’s a free download for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP (Yeah, I guess you COULD try downloading it for Server 2003 / 2008, but wouldn’t that be silly?)
The Windows Vista download is here.  There is a different link for X64 an X86
Vista X86 – Version
Vista X64 – Version
Windows 7 links of course they are Beta as well but enjoy
Drill down the page, you will see both versions
Adding them in procedurally is the same. 
Install the Update for your particular version.
Choose "Programs and Features" after installed.
Turn Windows features On on Off (requires Administrative access, what you’re an Admin and you DON’T have this?)
You’ll find it down the list marked as "Remote Server Administration Tools" Select which components you would like to Administer.  I’m greedy, so I took ALL of them.
Give it a few minutes to add in.
When it’s done you’ll see all the old familiars from your server sitting on your Administrative Workstation.
Now if you happen to have Windows XP for management you’ll be downloading and using the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pak.  The install process is a little different but not difficult providing the same results.  And remember you can still Put Powershell on that remote workstation with Quest Commandlets (ActiveRoles Management Shell) as well.   You’re not limited in that way at all.
Unless you’re still using CP/M 2.2.  Sorry but for some reason Microsoft decided not to extend management to the CP/M 2.2 community 🙁
By the way.  Make you have a 60 second lock on your desktop at this point.   Your administrative tools are now convenient, so you better be triple secure.
Not all tools are installed this way.  Your Exchange Management tools, SQL Server, Communications Server amongst others must be installed from their appropriate media.
But this saves you a little click on "unlocking and account" or "creating a user".  And with Powershell and Quest Commandlets (ActiveRoles Management Shell) you can do it ALL from your desktop!
Now isn’t that sweet?
Careful my friends.  The power is now in your hands.  Use it wisely
The Energized Tech