It’s truly rare when you hear the word “Free” and don’t associate it 70 popups, and pile of spam in your mailbox the next day and phone calls from Telemarketers.

But today is different.  I was pouring through my morning “Tweets” in my feed from “Twitter” when I saw one posted by Will Craddock, working in Microsoft Ireland.

I saw my two favourite words side by side.




Before you lose this opportunity download your free PDF copy of Effective Powershell : the Free eBook.

There’s no catch22.   Just like Powershell.  It’s there to use.   And just to show you I wasn’t fibbing about the legitimate and Microsoft part, here’s Mr. Craddock’s original posting.

So there you have it.

It’s a quick 1 meg download.  Even if you have DIALup you can get it in a reasonable about of time.

Cheers and get your copy now.

Every so often, Free doesn’t mean a bad thing. 🙂

The Energized Tech