Sung to “Promises in the Dark” by Pat Benatar (80’s tune, really cool)

Just in case anybody thought my “Funny bits” have disappeared, NO they haven’t.  They’re going to take a back seat but will not disappear.  Because that’s me.

i love Technology.   But I love to sit back and have a smile because sometimes you just NEED that 🙂


For all the techs out there who have ever had to do wiring in “Sub light conditions”

Rewritten Lyrics by Sean Kearney / ye110wbeard / Friday Funny Guy

“Crimping in the Dark”

Crimping in the Dark

Stumbling around
Going ‘right round the bend
Tripping around and you’re falling
You curse at your friend


Automatically kicked in

While all the patch panels and demarcs lay about end to end
You call security to get the lights
They don’t hear, they’re sleeping nights

So you start
In the


I’m trying to get these terminations done by morning light By laptop, matches, glowworm or Flashlight Can’t tell the colors or see 568A But the boss doesn’t care he says "Hay what the hey!"

Just when you think you’ve done it all
You stare at blackness down the hall
As you start crimping

In The


The lighter is low, the batteries are out What were you thinking there is no way out
These ends aren’t cheap, and you’ve to avoid

Recrimping again

But you’ve already wasted TEN!

In deep desperation, you hotwire all of the lights.
To the ADT Alarm system running through the night Police and Fire sirens scream all around You drop to the floor amidst all the lights and the sound

With their lights you see the wires
Amidst the sparks amongst the fires
You’re no longer crimping

In the

(Duck bullets, duck water, crimp cables test test)