Some of you may (or May not) have noticed a little map on the Blog.  

That little map is a free service I noticed the people at the CANITPRO blog at Microsoft Technet were using called  “ClustrMaps”

What the service is, is a free, easy to use tracking service that maps out just WHERE (or at least ROUGHLY where) in the world people are accessing your sight from.

You don’t have to know how to edit HTML or JAVA to use it.  (But you do have to know how to copy / paste text into your website into a spot for placing that code)

But it works very well, doesn’t cost a thing (there are some mildly higher end features you CAN pay for) but it’s not a nightmare to get going and try.

What does it require to setup?

An email address and a few minutes of time (or longer if your website source is a spaghetti code nightmare)

Check it out and see what you think.  It does change your view of the world when you start seeing just how common our problems are or what makes us all laugh.