Ok for those of you who are not aware there is a Web 2.0 site called “Twitter”

For those of you who are, please ignore this.  You are more than aware of what it is and is NOT. 🙂

Twitter is a simple and at the same time very complex system of blogging.

I say simple, because first off you are limited to 140 character posts (Because initially Twitter was geared about doing a simple post using an SMS message from any cell phone).  Simple because anybody can use it with a number of client applications available for almost any platform that is internet capable.

Even just off their own website.

I say complex because you can connect Twitter to Facebook, and Flicker, and your personal blog.  You can follow celebrities on Twitter and find out that well…they’re real people who have just as rotten a time dealing with life like the rest of us.   You might find others following you.   You may end up friends of friends of people you’ve never met. Well.  It can get out of hand.  That’s the complex part 🙂

First off, you sign up on Twitter.   Free account.  Woohoo.  Done.  

Then you have 140 characters to say “Whatever”.   That’s right Whatever.   You’re going to have a cookie and coffee.  You found an interesting news article.   You’re cracking a joke.   The Dog got the hiccups.  Whatever.

If you can do it 140 characters it’s good.  Be careful tho the world might be watching.

You see on Twitter one of the neat things you can do is “Follow” people.  It’s a lot like turning on a radio Channel and listening to what they what you to hear.   Sometimes the Radio Channels are private.   Often their public.

Samples of people on Twitter and information?

How about the Canadian IT Professionals at Microsoft?

John Cleese, Steve Jobs, or even U.S. President Barack Obama

Where it get’s interesting, is when other people start following you.


Yes.  You might get listened to as well.

It can also get out of hand if you start following too many people.  Too much information can flow in at once.  Sometimes interesting postings get missed.

I like to choose a balance for myself.   I keep my friends on Twitter.  I try to follow what I think is interesting to follow on Twitter.  Sometimes you even meet a friend online with common interests.

And sometimes, your heroes begin to follow you out of nowhere 🙂

I won’t flood the blog with Ten Billion Twitter client posts.   The best place to look is the source.


And to be honest, your use and interpretation of what Twitter is may not be the same as mine.   Nor should it be.  We all find different uses for these online tools (or toys, again interpretation)

Check it out if you’re curious.

And By the way, you are welcome to follow me (or not) on Twitter.  It’s a free world.   And it’s all open to choice.

Friday Funny Guy