But this IS dedicated to my wife Rosanna, the ONLY person in the world that could, would, and HAS put up with the “Geek” that I am.

Happy Valentine’s day honey. (And yes I am buying her something, I’m not THAT cheap 😉 )

Yes, unfortunately there will be a musical version of this

Original tune "She" by Elvis Costello

"She – my Valentine" – by Sean "Friday Funny Guy / ye110wbeard" Kearney

Is the only one for me
Is the glowing beacon in my sea
Keeps me grounded and warns me when to play
Keeps me sane when I’m alone
Brings me hope over the phone
Asks for me to bring home milk from time to time
Through the roughest tender day

Will let me play with my PC’s
and work on servers until three
and play with spreadsheets whenever clients yell
Will deal ignore the pile under my chairs
and all that stuff under the stairs
and doesn’t question all my cares
It’s all for she

Sees all those underwear on the floor
And hasn’t kicked me out the door
The smelly sweaters laying on the bed
Puts up with everything I do
All of that singing until two
Until my throat go horse and I’m dead

Is why I always do it all
Is why I’ll sleep within a hall
Why I’ll use a fish to cut a tree
Is why I press my passion on
Is why I wrote this silly song
For who else would bother to
Put up with the goof that is me

But She
My Valentine