Wow first post in a good gap!

Let’s just say I’ve been neck deep in a project that required and still requires my  full attention.   However it is time to surface up and state something to the world.

Windows 7 is going to be an amazing release when it comes out.

The indication of this is just how low of a platform you can drop it on and see it run smoothly.

And oh BOY can you ever drop it onto a small setup.

How would you like a full Aero interface, quick to respond and space to spare?

You’re expecting a 80 gig drive, duo Core and at least 2 gig of ram correct?

How would you like it installs on a system as low as the Acer Aspire One with the internal 8gb SSD?

Eight gigabyte ram drive.  1 Gigabyte of Ram.  Atom dual core chip.


Mind you, the install onto this smaller base took a bit long.   It could also have been the fact it was a Burnt Beta DVD too.     Typical Windows 7 O/S installs seem to be ultra rapid off USB memory keys.  That will be my next attempt (for fun, strange that I am)

But it installed.   Now the two things I did to open up space big time were

Disabled System Restore

Turn off Hibernation

Moved my user profile folders onto an alternate 8 gb memory card.

Ok this is not a production machine but it IS a very nice portable device, fully capable of running Word 2007, Live writer, Remote Desktop, VPN.

No real loss in functionality either.

Now here’s a few other interesting bits Ithrew into the mix. 

The alternate memory key has been encrypted with Bitlocker to go (part of Windows 7) for non TPM enabled machines.  Plus I threw in a cheap two gigabyte memory card for Ready Boost to keep things as responsive as I can.

But I am completely blown away that something so powerful and secure fit on this device.  I had to dig up some Vista drivers (which seem to be compliant with Windows 7) mostly the touchpad without which the mouse WILL work, but you need it to control the palm sensitivity the touchpads need.   Otherwise the mouse bounces everywhere.  Most of the touchpads are made by a company called Synaptics.  If you have a third party laptop lacking proper touchpad drivers, you can probably get them there.

And another hint for how Well Windows 7 upgrades?  I’ve upgrade four separate machines live from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Beta 1.   In all four cases, configuration carried over properly, no blue screens, no crashing, applications carried over nicely including MRU’s in applications (Recently accessed documents)

Keep your eyes open folks. More to post.