Go figure this one.  It’s interesting to see this happen.

I’m Influencing quietly without intending.

Two simple stickers on my tiny Net book.

Powershell and the Vista Springboard.  Stuck on the back.  For no other reason than this is the first laptop I bought in a long time.  First I could afford for a while.

$300 to get a little 8gb internal drive special.  A tiny but powerful
Intel Atom inside. 1 gig of ram for it’s brain.

The Acer Aspire One.

I’m getting looks.  Impressed looks.

“How does Vista run on that?”

“Hey that’s pretty cool!”

They’re eyes light even more when they see it’s Windows 7.

People are impressed.

“So did you ‘lite’ it? (Referring to stripping it’s core by removing lesser and in some cases unneeded components)

Nope.  Stock.

Not comments of “Vista sucks” or negative statements are coming at me. True genuine interest.

And even more interest when they see the Aero interface from Windows 7 running on here.

I never thought it possible.  To do something you found genuinely a) interesting and b) a little out of desperation and getting some of the most positive feedback about a Microsoft product.

I think sometimes smaller is better.  Anybody can throw an O/S on a Macbook or Nice Dell.   Any O/S can fit on those things.  

But people are almost shocked into amazement when they see Vista or Windows 7 fitting on such a small device.

In all fairness the install time was long.   And honestly I would like to see some things cleaned up (IE: the cached install media on the drive, relocate the Hibernation file, an alternate location for my system restore data).

But it works nice.  It’s very quiet due to a Solid state drive internal (even only 8 gig). It responds very well.  The battery averages about three hours but goes to sleep immediately.    I find I get the day out of this device.  I’ve got VPN and remote desktop for the office. 


So I sit here quietly on the subway and train.  Quietly enjoy this little powerbox with the something everybody said shouldn’t fit on here.

And quietly influencing away.