I got bitten by the music bug. Every chance I get to really USE Powershell it just get’s me in “the Mood”.  So now,sung to “Pinball Wizard” by “the Who” I present to you


Powershell Wizard

Ever since I was a young guy,
I fell in love with the machine
From Commodores to Inspirons and all those in between
But I’m so blown away
I fainted and I fell
It’s a Blinking llttle cursor
And they call it PowerShell!

He’s loaded up his DotNet
He’s doing Import-CSV
Loading up the users
Quest commandlets that are free
Re-arranging all the data
In just 5 lines as well
I’m done without even trying
All thanks to Powershell!

He’s a Powershell Guru
Watch his fingers fly
He’s a Powershell Guru
Just an ordinary guy

Why do you think he loves it
I’ll tell ya
What makes him just drool

Doesn’t need a mouse and Gui,
just a keyboard and a screen. 
It’s got direct interaction
to the system and the machine.
No flashy pretty distractions
He’s so focused you can tell
The bad smelling Admin
He sure loves Powershell!

With five minutes work, I collected all my pay
Then I sat down and played Rock Band 2 all day

It’s a component that’s in Vista
And Server 2008
Scripting all your systems
Helps you integrate
Works with so many others
Clears up Admin Hell
Get off your butt and use it and