Hyper-V Server 2008 is out now!  Free to download!

Just what is it?

Fully functional Hyper-V server CD to download for yourself.  It does not come with any of the free licenses the Full Server 2008 WITH Hyper-V has, but it allows you to have the power of Hyper-V without buying Server 2008.

Management of the machines is done with Remote Server Administration Tools (A free download from Microsoft on Vista) or the Native management tools already in Server 2008.

I love it though.

The Cost.


So you can now try and IMPLEMENT Hyper-V.  The only cost is the hardware.   That won’t break the bank either!

Interested?  Here’s the link!


The download is about 900+ meg so, make sure you have a high speed internet connection and a DVD writer to burn the disc

But how can you LOSE?

Why here’s a GREAT way to try and see if you’re potential Hyper-V server is CAPABLE of running Hyper-V! Without buying Server 2008!

Download it today!  Download it now!

Hyper-V Server Rocks!